Welcome back to the Alchemy Catering blog! We’ve only got time for a short one today, so why don’t we dive right into the meat and potatoes of what sets us apart as an Austin catering company. 

What We Do

We offer original, inspired, custom catering services in Austin, TX. While we specialize in wedding catering, family or individual meal planning, we are also experienced in corporate catering and special events. 

Our Mission

We are modern Austin caterers in the sense that we are customer-focused in everything we do. To us, that means listening to our clients, first and foremost, before we do anything else. We work to understand your objectives before making suggestions about what is possible. We cater to any event requirement, dietary restriction, or range of budget. We aren’t concerned with quantity or profit margins because we believe our success is achieved one client at a time — serving delicious, original food according to your wishes. 

Who We Are

Our chefs, Preston and Kristin, are experienced, creative, passionate, and thoughtful people who love serving our Austin community. Chef Kristin is a registered dietician, while Preston attended Texas Culinary Academy. Both have a unique drive for tailoring our cuisines to the unique nutritional needs and requests of our customers. 

If you are looking for quality, nutritious, and great-tasting catered food in Austin, reach out to us today!