There are many reasons to hire a highly-regarded caterer to help make your event wonderful. Whether it’s a wedding, private party, or a corporate event, hiring an Austin caterer worth their salt can make a massive difference in how your guests remember the evening. Of course, if the food or presentation are no good, it’s probably not the way you hoped your event would be remembered, so hiring the right catering company is just as important as choosing to have a professional caterer at your event in the first place. 

That said, in today’s blog we will list off a few of the best reasons to hire a catering company like our own. After we highlight the common, general reasons, we’ll wrap up the post by describing what makes Alchemy Catering such a unique caterer in Austin. 

Reasons To Hire A Caterer

If you are on the fence about hiring a caterer for your next event, allow us the chance to convince you of our merits!

Guests Remember The Catering

As mentioned above, guests will remember the catering, or lack thereof, at your event. If it’s professionally presented and the menu items are well-prepared, your catering services received will be a foundation for the rest of your event. Whether you are getting married with your precious friends and family present or you are hosting a gala to raise significant funds, making sure your guests are smiling and satisfied is the first step toward accomplishing that goal. 

It’s Not Their First Rodeo

Hiring a high-quality caterer in Austin (or elsewhere) is another arrow in your quiver. If you find an Austin caterer worth their salt, they’ll work with you to discover what exactly you are looking for in terms of presentation, cuisine, event timeline, and other details. 

Look for a catering company with a commitment to collaborate with and listen to their clients. Doing so will put you in good stead to ensure your catered menu items fit in well with the event, making it cohesive and natural. 

For our part at Alchemy Catering, we treat each client uniquely by understanding your goals. We know that flexibility, detail, and cost are all supremely important factors when you make your decision, which is why we are dedicated to customizing our pricing, menu items, and presentation/serving styles according to your particular needs. 

Caterers Can Save You Money

While it’s clear there’s an upfront expense to contend with when you hire a caterer, it’s a good idea to consider all the expenses you’ll have to cover when you go the route of providing your own food, let alone preparing your own food. 

Let’s suppose you plan on picking up your food from a local restaurant. Depending on the quality of food and number of guests you are hosting, that can up their price range pretty quickly. But beyond that, you need to think about the additional costs of dishware, tables, decorations, food warmers, not to mention how you plan on cleaning everything up. 

Now, not every caterer provides all of these services; some will work with you, some provide everything, and others will pretty much only handle the food portion of the event. That’s why it’s crucial to ask the right questions when deciding on the best caterer for your unique event. If you find one that supplements your efforts with respect to other elements of your party, perhaps by providing tables, chairs, and decorations, your caterer just might save you money in the big picture!

One Less Thing On Your Plate

If you are an experienced event host, you already know how taxing the planning process can be. To make an event go smoothly, there are hours and hours of preparation that need to take place. 

By hiring a caterer, it takes one thing off your plate, reducing stress and letting you focus on other elements of the party that might need more attention. When you choose an experienced Austin caterer like Alchemy, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are supported by true professionals. At that point, you can offer as much or as little input as you prefer. 

Accommodate Dietary Needs

From our industry’s perspective, one of the best things about living in the modern day is our culture’s emphasis on accommodating folks with dietary needs and restrictions. When asking yourself if you need a caterer for the event you have in mind, it’s vital to consider the dietary needs and preferences of your guests. Are there vegans among you? Does anyone have nut or gluten allergies? How about halal or kosher diets?

Does the chain-restaurant you have in mind to provide pick-up catering cover all of that? We’d be surprised.

In a recent blog post of ours, we highlighted how we cater to your guests’ dietary restrictions and needs. While we’d encourage you to read that blog in its entirety when you get a chance, the long and the short of it is that no matter if you have gluten or nut allergies, are vegan, or adhere to halal or kosher diets, all you need to do is let us know! We’ll create a unique menu for your event that caters to your guestlist’s preferences. 

Set The Tone For Your Event

We touched on this before, but it bears repeating — your event’s meal will set the tone for your event, for better or for worse. The meal will be remembered in terms of presentation and taste, so why not let a professional caterer set you up for success? If it’s a professional event that you are serious about, you should be serious about the quality of food you present as well. Your guests will respond accordingly.

A Variety Of Menu Items

Hiring a caterer who provides a diverse menu is sure to impress your guests. Contrast that with the limited selections you can choose from when you go the “pick-up catering” route, and the difference is clear. 

Enjoy Delicious Food & Plenty Of It!

Let’s not lose sight of the big picture here; there’s nothing quite like being served great food at a classy party or event. While there are plenty of supplemental elements to consider when planning your meal, having delicious food is essential. 

What’s more, hiring a caterer should ensure that you have enough food for all of your guests. This helps you avoid the nightmare scenario of realizing half-way through your party that you don’t have enough food for everyone to be happy. 

Don’t even think about running to the grocery store to pick up some crackers and cheese! Instead, hire a caterer who can help determine exactly how much food your event requires.  

Why Alchemy?

We are Austin caterers who want you to eat well, feel well, and do well. Whether you are interested in corporate catering for a business lunch, wedding catering, or need your private event catered, we’ve got you covered with experience, passion, and a commitment to putting your needs above all else. 

All our food is simple, fresh, delicious, and customized based on your preferences. Keep in mind we accommodate any budget as well! 

So, we’d love to hear from you! Get a quote today!