Welcome to Alchemy Catering, an Austin caterer owned and operated by chefs Kristin and Preston — a duo who work so well together that it’s little wonder they are a married couple!

In today’s inaugural blog post, we’d like to share a little bit about our Austin catering company, including our background, mission, and catering services. We’d also like to share what qualities we possess that set us apart from other caterers in the Austin region.

So if you’ve been looking for an authentic caterer that embodies passion and professionalism, keep reading! We’d love the chance to tell you a little bit more about what we have to offer.

Austin Catering: What We Do

Alchemy Catering specializes in wedding catering, business lunches, and special events. In addition to being a talented chef, Kristin is also a registered dietitian in Texas. Graduating with a bachelor of science in nutrition, Alchemy Catering is proud to offer family or individual meal planning services in the Austin region.

Our Mission

Our local catering company was founded with the core idea that caterers ought to have a renewed focus on, well, catering to the unique vision of each client. While we can’t speak for other local caterers, you’ll find our chefs go out of their way to marry their talent with a tailored approach that aligns with what you have in mind for your special event.

Quantity and profit margins will not compromise our objective of understanding your priorities. We know that costs, scheduling flexibility, and detail are all key factors when deciding which caterer is right for you. We’ll provide you with a range of options to make sure we tick every single box on your list of wants and needs!

With a focus on communication and providing delicious, original food, you can taste the quality that comes with every Alchemy catered event!

Catering Services

We’d like to leave you with a brief description of what you can expect from each of our catering services: wedding, corporate, and private.

Wedding Catering

Our priority is to first listen, guide as necessary, and demonstrate our experience through attention to detail. Put it all together, and its sum is peace of mind for our customers. We’ll work with you, the wedding coordinator, or your venue.

Business Lunch Catering

We believe that the quality of catering plays a significant yet subtle role in the satisfaction of a corporate lunch. Why? Great food that is presented well sets the tone of satisfaction for the proceedings of the event. What’s more, we are not bound to static menus the way other local catering companies might be; we’d love to discuss what you have in mind so we can put our experience and skill to work for you.

Special Event & Party Catering

Alchemy is able to boast plenty of experience hosting parties and cooking for VIP clients. We are able to accommodate nearly all cuisines and select event requirements. Be it for a birthday, baptism, bachelorette party, or another sort altogether, we are confident you and your guests won’t soon forget their experience with Alchemy Catering!

Additionally, we offer a range of service styles: buffet, family style, plated, drop off, or whatever you might have in mind. Again, we are flexible!

Let’s Talk!

If you’d like to talk to us about a special event in your near future, we’d love to hear from you. Call or fill out the form on our site so that we can get in touch with you!