Welcome back to the one and only Alchemy Catering blog! We are an Austin catering company with a passion for treating each client uniquely. We take the time to understand your objectives while ensuring that your priorities are met with attention to detail, flexibility, and a communicativeness you won’t likely find elsewhere.

We aren’t Austin caterers who are focused on profit margins or quantity in general. Our success comes from going above and beyond the expectations of each of our customers. With the combined expertise of chefs Preston and Kristin, we have a commitment to excellence that comes through in both our process and outcome. That’s a huge part of what makes up the Alchemy Catering difference.

What Alchemy Can Take Off Your Plate

For any of our readers who have attempted to plan and execute an event with catering, you already know the full scope of tasks which successfully accomplishing your goals requires. The short answer is that, it’s a lot. A lot of stress, a lot of consternation, a lot of skill, and a lot of organizing.

The long answer, in case you are considering forgoing the use of a caterer altogether, can be found below. We’ll highlight just a few of the many benefits a reliable Austin catering company like ours will provide!

Licensing & Safety

Let’s start with some legal considerations. While you obviously don’t need a food handling permit to host a party at your house, corporate catering events and weddings (among other events) might require special licensing of some sort. If you plan on serving alcohol at your event, your caterer will know if any licensing or permits are required at the venue of your choosing.

Additionally, a professional caterer is someone who is adept in the actual handling of the food. When non-professionals cook in mass for large groups, food safety often goes out the window in a hurry. While it’s natural for those with less experience to make a mistake here and there, food preparation mistakes are costly ones, especially when they involve cross-contamination, undercooked food, or dietary restrictions that have been overlooked.

At the end of the day, preparing food for an event of any size demands knowledge of hygiene and health standards. When you choose an Austin caterer like Alchemy, you receive delicious and safe cuisine. There’s one less thing you need to worry about when planning your event!

Consolidate Your Preparation

Professional caterers can be your one-stop-shop in terms of materials needed to execute your event. There’s no reason to stress out about renting or buying linens, placemats, utensils, or dishware. Being able to “bundle” takes a lot off of our customers’ plates.

Menu Planning & Dietary Restrictions

We touched on it above, but hosting an event where a meal is served means you must take into account the dietary restrictions and requests of your guests. As if planning a meal that pleases everyone isn’t difficult enough, attempting to juggle your guests’ requests while planning the rest of the event is enough to make even our heads spin! Save yourself the headache, and choose the Austin caterers who have a registered dietician as one of their two chefs; we are more than up to the task of complying with any and all requests!

Setup & Cleanup

If you so choose (and you definitely should), we can handle the before and after of the meal in terms of setup and cleanup. Many inexperienced event hosts might not realize how much time both setup and cleanup take, and when you are running around trying to make sure everything is in place for the function, the last thing you’ll want to do is be unloading food, setting places for dinner, and the like.  

Instead, why not go with an affordable, high-quality caterer like Alchemy Food Services?

Schedule Your Conversation

We’d love to hear from you at Alchemy Cooking, regardless of if you are interested in wedding catering in Austin or you have an office luncheon to plan. We are truly passionate about what we do and how we do it. We’ll take the time to listen to you and your goals before we make suggestions about turning them into a delicious reality. Whether you are interested in corporate catering, wedding catering, private events, or meal planning, we are here when you need us! Give us a call to schedule your conversation about catering services in Austin.