Catering events is our main area of expertise. With over 20 years of combined catering experience, we can provide a memorable event, small or large.

What makes us different and unique is that we will pick your brain for every detail that you may want. More than likely by the end of our first meeting with you we will identify many details that you may not have thought about. Our considerable experience has given us the ability to have a keen eye for detail and live by the highest standard of quality and catering service.

We are not a catering factory here at Alchemy, having so many events scheduled that we have to sling out food before we can really fine tune what matters. Details like appearance, temperature, cleanliness, and flavor are paid attention to, while larger Austin caterers might overlook them. We genuinely love hosting our own parties and wowing our guests. That is our drive and we want to do it for you too.​

Whether you want to host a small get-together or a large party for coworkers and family, we can provide the experience you want. Let us handle the work of prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning so that you can enjoy your guests and family. Our goal is to clear your mind of the stress any good host or hostess has.

If you are interested in exceptional event catering in Austin, TX, contact us today to schedule your next event.