Alchemy Catering’s mission is to provide the culinary knowledge and skill families need in order to sustain a healthy and delicious diet. People should never feel intimidated by the thought of cooking a meal. Since the beginning of time, cooking has been a social occasion, and if a family lacks confidence to cook a great meal then the entire group misses out on an opportunity to bond through this perennial opportunity for quality time.

Learn To Cook In Austin

We offer Austin cooking classes that can be bought as a gift for an individual, booked for a group to get the party started, or used as a great education tool so that you can be the next greatest cook in your family.

When booking a cooking class with Alchemy, you don’t have to worry about anything but providing the location. We will work with you on choosing a menu and beverage selection. After that we will do the shopping, cooking, teaching, serving, and cleaning!

Rates for classes typically start at $45.00 per person but may vary depending on the client’s request.

Contact us now to schedule your next Austin cooking class! Our favorite thing to do is spread knowledge.